InvestSpy brings professional portfolio risk analysis tools to retail investors and financial advisors. Our service enables investors to complement their strategies with a new quantitative perspective that was previously out of reach due to lack of knowledge or resources. We make it simple and free of charge.

InvestSpy provides you with free access to:

Portfolio risk statistics. Risk contributions, volatility, beta, value at risk (VaR) and maximum drawdown estimates help you understand your existing portfolio better and quantify the impact of new positions.
Correlation and factor analysis. Analyze interaction between securities and return drivers to improve diversification within your portfolio. Identify effective substitutes and complements for your portfolio holdings.
Global universe of securities. We utilize publicly available historical data provided by Yahoo! Finance that covers thousands of stocks and ETFs listed on major exchanges worldwide.

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At InvestSpy, we aim for simplicity, thus the calculations employ a basic form of statistical models. Users will find it easy to replicate the results using standard formulas in statistical software packages. For more information about InvestSpy's approach, please refer to the FAQ section.